arsinen's Journal

I like a lot of things. I love music it's one of my passions doesn't matter what shape or form. I listen to rap, hiphop, country, rock, metal, classical, new age....almost anything. I spend quite a bit of money on music alone.
I like watching movies. I like going out to the movies when there is something that I really want to watch otherwise I just wait until it comes out and rent it.
I love writing. I write fanfiction for some fandoms or well I used to, the most active I've been is for the Diru fandom but I have written for some animes and books. And now I'm starting to write for BigBang fandom mainly Seunghyun/Jiyong.
I'm a university student majoring in Psychology and minoring in History. I find that the mind is fascinating and I find pleasure in helping people get over any issues regarding relationships and even trying to help those with disorders. History is a subject that I find truly fascinating and full of people who are so strong. And if it came down to it I would be able to teach it to high school level and beyond students if I have to.
I also like to spend money on lives. I enjoy watching Diru, the music always pulls me in. Linkin Park always makes a good show no matter what.